Zesty Apply Chicken Salad

Mmm! I love salad! Every time we go out to eat (usually Applebee’s) I always order a salad. While I was thinking of what to make for lunch today, I was really tasting Applebee’s chicken salad. I don’t know what all of their ingredients are to make it, and I really didn’t feel like running to the store. So, I decided to make my own!

2016-03-11 12.41.01


Lettuce cut up

Apple sliced or cubed

One boneless chicken breast cooked

Sliced carrots

Zesty salad chips (optional)

Fat free raspberry vinaigrette  (I just used price chopper brand)

Add cheese if you’re tasting it!

Mix all ingredients together (I used a tupperware container so I could just put what I didn’t eat in the fridge) and tada!!

This lunch is SO SIMPLE, and takes only 10-15 minutes to make! What could be better?? Oh ya, it’s SUPER HEALTHY!!!

I hope this quick lunch salad taste as good to you it does to me! Happy eating!



How to Have a Successful Morning

Have you been struggling against the sluggish feeling that comes in the morning? The feeling of when your alarm goes off and instead of getting out of bed and starting your day, you just hit snooze and say, “No. Not today”..I was.

Before I had kids I could never get myself up and going in the morning. I would sleep in until 10 o’clock or even later when given the chance. (Which was a lot) this led to sluggish days, and ultimately a sluggish lifestyle. I would eat a lot of junk food from not having enough energy to care what I was putting in my body, and although I was an active person (fishing, hunting, partying) I was not a PHYSICALLY active person. Even worse, I was honestly not a HAPPY person..

It’s crazy to think that your whole day can change for the better with just changing your morning routine!
Now that I have decided to work towards the goal of a healthier, more physically active lifestyle my whole personality has changed. I’m happier, more outgoing and have a TON of more energy! Which really helps when I’m chasing the kids all day long! Just changing my morning routine has helped me become a better me for my kids, my hubby and of course myself!

If you are ready to have more energy throughout the day, become a more positive, happy person or maybe just change up your day to day to help create a healthier you, then I highly recommend you look at your morning!

Here are some things you could do in the morning to help create a more successful day, no matter what that may be for you!

For me, a good morning starts with physical fitness. So my morning routine consists of

Waking up at 5am
Drinking my coffee
Having some breakfast
Having an awesome 40 min workout (while trying not to wake the kids)
Taking a shower
Drinking my protein shake
Then finally relaxing until it’s time to wake and feed the baby.
Then when I take the dogs out I make sure to take some good deep breaths. Nothing is better than fresh morning air!

Being up early also allows some one-on-one time with my other half before he leaves for work! (Just another benefit)

If this routine is not something that interests you, there are TONS of other things you could try to help get you out of bed on a positive note, leading to a successful day!

Reading a Book
Going for a Run
Taking the Dog for a Walk
Going for a Quick Hike
Swimming (if you are somewhere warm)

The ideas are endless, finding something positive to motivate you out of bed (preferably not technology, I highly recommend something active) and to start your day your way, with time for YOU is so important. Every day we fight against something stressful. Why not start off the day right and help yourself stay positive through it all! A successful morning will give you a successful day! Just try it! 🙂